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Are multiple accounts allowed?

It is forbidden to use more than one account on GAINKIT no matter what is the purpose.

Are proxy IPs allowed?

No, they aren't.

Who can earn Gainkit currency?

Any member on Gainkit can earn currency. We do not have restrictions for any country.

What is Gainkit currency?

It’s a virtual currency on Gainkit. You can use it at our marketplace for getting DOTA 2 items or CSGO skins for free.

How to earn Gainkit currency?

To earn the currency go to the “Offers” tab in the menu, choose one of the tasks and complete it by pressing the “complete” button. You will be paid out according to the offer terms.

Is this legit?

Yes, it is.

Is Loot Market safe?

Absolutely. There is “0” risk for currency miners to be hacked and/or lose their earnings since we’re using Steam Oauth API for authorization.You can buy items on Gainkit marketplace safely, guaranteed.

What is the process to buy an item for real money?

  1. Login via Steam account
  2. Deposit money via G2A secure gateway
  3. Find & buy Dota2 item or CSGO skin
  4. Item will be transferred to your Steam account

How much Points are cost?

Currency exchange rate is '1 VC / 0.01 USD'. Below you will find a simplified structure:

  • 500 VC = 5$
  • 1000 VC = 10$
  • 2000 VC = 20$
  • 3000 VC = 30$

When do I get an item I have bought?

Usually it can take up to 4 hours to get an item in your Steam account.

How can I deposit money to buy items?

You can top-up your virtual wallet via more than 60+ payment options in more than 120 Countries all around the world.

Where do I find my Steam Trade URL?

  1. Visit this link: Steam Privacy Settings
  2. Scroll to the bottom and look under Third-Party Sites


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